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May 18, 2022  
Uterus1 Feature: Heavy Periods Center

Improving Your Quality of Life

Are you a woman living with heavy menstrual bleeding? Is your mind filled with thoughts like: “Should I go to the movie? Maybe I should check on how long the film is or plan to sit in the aisle seat so I can get to the bathroom. I can wear dark pants and tie my jacket around my waist just in case. I wonder if you are allowed to bring bags into the theater or if a security guard will have to look inside. It’s embarrassing having such an assortment of supplies but I’m never sure what I’ll need and when. It might be better if we just stay home and rent a movie. Then, I won’t feel uncomfortable if I have to keep shifting around to be sure I’m not leaking onto the furniture. I’m sure my friends will understand this time and if not I’ll just cancel. No big deal.”

But, it is a big deal to the many women who suffer through long, heavy menstrual periods month after month. If you want more information on heavy periods and treatment as well as coping methods and support, you are in the right place. Use the Heavy Periods Center as your guide to once and for all take action and put an end to your heavy bleeding.


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