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August 22, 2019  

Uterus hero Dr. Cho

Dr. Suzin Cho: Educating Women about Healthcare Choices

April 26, 2006

Dr. Suzin Cho graduated from Amherst College in Massachusetts. She then went on to earn her medical degree from Ohio State University and complete her residency and advanced training in obstetrics and gynecologic medicine and surgery at the Indiana University School of Medicine.

Dr. Cho currently provides comprehensive care for women including normal and high-risk obstetrics, gynecologic examinations and surgery, fertility evaluations and ultrasound studies. She truly enjoys working with her patients and including them in their health decisions.

Dr. Cho is a partner at Obstetrics and Gynecology Specialists with locations in Edina and Burnsville, Minnesota.

Uterus1: What drew you to this field?

Dr. Cho: For a large part it’s the good mix of deliveries as well as primary care and surgical interventions. It’s a good mixed bag not focused in one direction. The babies are a lot of fun. I enjoy getting to know the patients year after year, sometimes doing something that is interventional, but mostly doing a lot preventive treatments to get them the best care.

Uterus1: Do you find being a woman helps in your field? Are your patients more comfortable with you?

Dr. Cho: Totally. I think it makes all the difference in the world. I can understand what my patients are going through and I can help guide them through the options.

Uterus1: What are the most frequently asked questions your patients have?

Dr. Cho: Well in regards to fibroids, a lot of people need to go back to the basics. They want to know what fibroids are and if they are benign. Once they are reassured they are common then they want to know how they can be treated. Some people want conservative, definitive medical treatment. Now we can offer them other treatments.

Uterus1: By conservative treatment do you mean hysterectomy?

Dr. Cho: By definitive I mean surgery. Yes, the conservative treatment is a hysterectomy. But it’s good to be able to offer women other choices. A lot of women are no longer interested in having a hysterectomy. They have don’t have the time to take off work and their busy lives. So it’s great to have other options to offer them.

Uterus1: What percent of your patients have fibroids?

Dr. Cho: Women with fibroids where heavy bleeding is the primary problem make up between 10 to 15 percent of my practice.

How long do most women wait until doing something about heavy bleeding?

Dr. Cho: Most women are at the point where they can’t take it anymore. It’s a crisis situation. Many of the women have been dealing with heavy periods for years. There are usually two things that get them to my door: Either they are fed up, sick and tired of the heavy bleeding or they have had flooding, unpredictable bleeding or an embarrassing social situation and the bleeding is preventing them doing from activities they would like to do. In general most women will try to put up with it, but they are in crisis situation. That’s very common.

Is this an emotional issue for a lot of women?

Dr. Cho: I would say it’s 50-50. For many women it is an emotional issue. Although they are past their childbearing years, it’s hard for them to surgically relinquish their reproductive capabilities. For other women it’s more practical issue. They are busy, they have kids and a career and they just don’t have time to take six weeks off to recover from a hysterectomy. It’s really split down the middle.

Uterus1: Are there any particular resources you suggest to patients who want to learn more about the problem?

Dr. Cho: So far I mostly rely on the American College of OB/GYN resources. We have a stock of pamphlets from them on the most common problems. If it’s a particular procedure I will give them information on that.

Uterus1: What’s the most challenging part of treating your patients?

Dr. Cho: Treating each person as an individual. There are some many intricate details in helping a patient decide what is best for her because there isn’t just one choice anymore. So at the front end it’s a lot time counseling a patient about all the options and then how each about the option pertains to her and her life. Once the decision is made getting the treatment is not the hard part. It’s helping her to decide what is right for her.

Uterus1: What changes would you like to see in your field?

Dr. Cho: I think it all comes down to reimbursement. I think physicians need to get more credit from payers in taking the time to avoid major procedures. Right now you will be paid more for doing a hysterectomy but I think we need to take into consideration that the time we take to counsel our patients and get them the best treatment that is worthwhile.

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Last updated: 26-Apr-06

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