HTA Endometrial Ablation Scheduled:/

Topic Title: HTA Endometrial Ablation Scheduled:/
Created On: 10/15/2007 09:08 AM

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 06/24/2010 10:03 AM

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Hello, im new to this site. I had my Thermal Ablation 3 weeks ago, after soo many years of heavy periods and very very painful ones too i decided to go ahead with this procedure. Im 34 yrs old and have two children it was a hard decision but i hope worth it. The procedure was done in the OR i was completely sedated didnt feel any pain during the procedure only cramping afterwards. As of now i dont know if the procedure was a success, i have been bleeding since the procedure, not much, but its kindda annoying and for the past couple days ive had pain. I should be used to this pain already cause ive always had pelvic pain but i was hoping it woudl end. im going to have to go back to my doctor and see whats going on. I wish you good luck !!

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 10/15/2007 09:08 AM

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hey all,im a 26 year old with 5 year old twins. i had a tubal ligation in '04 and had BAD complications. my family history with problems is about the size of a novel! every woman on my mother's side has had a hysterectomy, including my mom. ive had so many problems. a month before i got preg- i was in the hospital for 2 weeks with severe PID and txic shock from kidney problems. i was told id never have any chance to have kids. i was only 19- so i didnt get phased really. a month later- i found out. went to docs a week after that- SUPRISE, SUPRISE- 4 weeks preg with TWINS. anyways- 35.5 weeks and i delivered them vaginally. ive always had painful- i mean to the point where i am brought to the ground in pain- periods. them they got unusually heavy. i had surgery in dec of 06 for endometriosis- it was severe- fused ovary to intestines....ect.....long n painful recovery....oct 25- im scheduled for hydrothremal endometrial ablation. not sure what to expect. pain wise, recovery wise, ect.Anyone have any experiences they can share with me so i have an idea what im getting myself

"walk on the wild side- raise twins..."

Leigh Collins
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