Topic Title: fibroids/miscarages
Created On: 12/18/2004 07:09 PM

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 01/25/2005 08:13 PM

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Hello, in March of 2004 I was given an ultrasound that showed I had four fibroid tumors ranging from 4cm to 2cm. My doctor recommended that I have them removed before considering having a child. For four years my husband and I had tried to conceive and were unsuccessful so I wasn't in any rush. Well in August of 2004 I became ill which later turned out to be morning sickness, I was pregnant. Everything seemed to be going well until November 9, I left work in extreme pain in my lower back. I later went to the emergency room and delivered my son in my 20th week of gestation November 10 at 5:43 am. He was stillborn weighing only 10.7 oz and 8 3/4 inches long. His death certificate state the determined cause of death as: MULTIPLE UTHERIN FIBROID TUMORS. After I became pregnant the tumors began to grow, I recently had another ultrasound performed and the four tumors and now seven and ranging in 6x9 cm to 2x2 cm. I'm scheduled for surgery in the next three weeks and really looking forward to it. Now my question is, does anyone know how long after having the tumors removed should I try to conceive again? This I haven't had a chance to discuss with my doctor.
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 01/06/2005 11:45 AM

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hi i lost a baby at 16weeks at the scan when they told me our baby had died they also found a fibroid noone has spoke to me about this at the time i found out by reading my medical notes,i want to try again and my midwife told me that the fibroid was not a problem but i am concerned incase it was the fibroid that caused the lost,should i ask for surgery to have it removed
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 12/20/2004 04:56 AM

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hi there, just recently i found out i was pregnant about 7 weeks, then just the other week i started to bleed, i went to the hospital to be told i had mis-carried, which was devestating!, the day after the scan to confirm this i had another scan, because for about 7 to 8 weeks had been suffering from very wierd feelings in my lower left stomach that then went to the right side and round my back, felt like very dull ache at the lower back, i also felt very bloated and a heavy type feeling, basically i knew something was not right, i had been to the doc's and hospital several times over the last few weeks, anyway the scan confirmed i had a fibroid! so that more or less confirmed why i had mis-carried. still waitin to see what treatment can be done i will keep you posted.
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 12/19/2004 06:59 PM

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i know sometimes there could be a relationship between fibroid and miscarriage dependind on its location ite the uterine cavity.some fibroids have a direct influence on the development of the fetus if they are found in the uterus but the effect may be determined better if she has an ultrasound performed by her doctor
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 12/18/2004 07:09 PM

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Recently my close girlfriend has had a few miscarrages and I think they may be related to her fibroids, the doctor isn't saying they are has anyone had similar expereinces?
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