Topic Title: Endometriosis
Created On: 09/26/2002 04:44 PM

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 04/01/2008 01:58 AM

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I also have endometriosis. I was diagnosed about 7 yrs ago. I have had laparoscopy surgeries done, which helped a lot in the beginning. But to be honest, the thing that helped me the most, was when I began using a progesterone cream. I went from almost having a hysterectomy, to pain free! I now use progestelle, it's progesterone in a coconut oil base, it's very strong. I would strongly recomend the site www.endo101.com to all who want to find out more about endometriosis and how to help the condition. Another great thing about the site; a doctor can talk to you over the phone and help answer your questions too! Or through e-mail. Very prompt. And there is a link to order the progestelle on that site. Very important info. on there!!! Best wishes to all. Kristi

Kristi Corless
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 01/17/2006 12:35 AM

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Dear Endometriosis sufferers,I work in the O.R. with a gyn surgeon who specializes in Endometriosis. I have also worked with the internationally known gyn surgeon, Dr. Harry Reich. Endometriosis is best treated by having a laparoscopy performed, with the endometriosis areas totally excised out with scissors. Alot of surgeons use the laser or cautery, but the endo always comes back. Best treatment is by total excision via a laparoscopy. If you have severe endo, I can refer you to an EXCELLENT surgeon here in Pa. that I work with. His patients have wonderful results......Kim, RN
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 06/14/2003 09:34 PM

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Dear Ann Marie, I also have endometriosis and has had surgery to remove an ovarian cyst that resulted from this condition. Now my husband and I are trying intercourse again, but from the very beginning, I already experience pain. I want to have intercourse with him, but I don't know what I can do to stop the pain. I also want children. What can I do to stop the pain and enjoy intercourse?
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 03/15/2003 08:05 PM

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Hello! Re: Endometriosis I have Endometriosis and have had it for many years. I can give you a lot of info. and share my experiences if you want. There's also a great Endometriosis support group too. Whatever you do, pls. stick by your sister. Most people think Endometriosis is nothing or think the person is not experiencing the pain. People don't truly understand Endometriosis until they read and learn about it. My family has stuck by me. Endo. is very painful!! Pls. respond back. Thanks, Ann Marie
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 09/26/2002 04:44 PM

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I'm looking for more info on endometriosis...my sister was recently diagnosed and we're all trying to help her understand her options and prognosis. Has anyone else dealt with this condition? Any tips? Any info? Thanks...much appreciated.
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