Mirena not working for Menstrual Flooding

Topic Title: Mirena not working for Menstrual Flooding
Created On: 11/22/2007 09:30 PM

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 12/29/2007 08:29 PM

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Hi there,

I notice you mentioned having tried some natural treatments. I am not sure what you had tried, but I had severe bleeding for almost 12 years, and was also very anemic. When my ferritin levels were checked, they were very low, less than 14. I can't tell you how many times I began to faint and had to crawl on my hands and knees from the toilet to my bed.

Please, consider the following:

beef liver tablets (for anemia)
Slow Flow from Vitanicca (used temporarily during period)
organic raspberry and cherry smoothies or tea

I have more information on what I do, and what has helped me on my website: http://sufferingsisters.blogspot.com/p/various-illnessessymptoms.html, if you are interested.

Please check it out at least.

Hope this helps,
Jill Mary

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 12/13/2007 07:25 PM

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Hi Laura,Sorry for the delay in my reply but I've been away visiting family before Xmas.Thankyou so much for taking the time to share your experience with me, I really appreciate your input and as I sit flooding yet again, I know that in the New Year I will definitely need to be addressing this problem which has sadly not improved.I am going to see my gyno in January and if I'm not satisfied with her repsonse after my queries I shall definitely get further opinions. Great advice and helps me to see that a hysterectomy may not have to be the only solution for me.I'll keep in touch and let you know how I go.Go well,Raine
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 11/24/2007 01:10 PM

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Hi Lorraine, I would seek a second opinion. I would find an OB who is willing/able to do the HTA procedure on you. The whole purpose of that specific ablation method is to be able to treat you "in the presence of fibroids", or an unusually shaped uterus. About 10 days ago (Nov 14) I had both the HTA and Essure (essure.com) procedures done while under general anesthesia. I felt close to zero pain (very light cramping, less than a typical period) and have had only a very small amount of discharge as my uterus sloughs off. The discharge is watery, not bloody, and again, there's very little. I have been wearing one panty liner a day.The HTA procedure involved HOT saline being run through your uterus for 10 minutes, so it doesn't matter if there are fibroids. The only thing my doctor insisted upon was doing a D&C as well, to biopsy the lining. Apparently the only symptom of endometrial cancer is bleeding, and if you're not bleeding, there's no way to know. The Essure procedure is permanent birth control, which is what made me not want an IUD. I'm so very DONE having kids! (I have 2 gorgeous kids, thank you very much and an IUD is so temporary. I have good insurance now, and I know I won't change my mind about more kids, so I was adamant about having a permanent procedure. PLEASE don't make any drastic plans to have a hysterectomy. Please call around and find an experienced OB/GYN who can perform the HTA on you. I wish I could help (or send you to my doc) but I'm in California. You can come stay with me for a couple of weeks and have my doc do it BEST OF LUCK. I'll be thinking of you.laura
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 11/22/2007 09:30 PM

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Hi there,I am 49 years old and have been suffering from menstrual flooding and other pre-menopausal symptoms for the past 9 years (both my mother and her mother began and finished theirs early also).After spending these past 9 years trying every natural therapy available ie. Herbalist, Homeopathy, Acupuncture, Naturopath etc. my iron levels had become so low I am now suffering from and being treated for anaemia.While the natural remedies did help to reduce and manage most of my assorted symptoms, nothing made a difference to the flooding. My cycle is still pretty 28 days regular - give or take a few days - and I have never missed a period.During the past couple of years I have had two separate day surgery procedures to assess and try to improve the flooding; firstly a hysteroscopy and D&C which made no difference and then in June this year my gyno advised me try the Mirena IUD. So I have been patient and hopeful but afraid to say that there has been no improvement in the flooding and if anything it is worse and longer and now with extra large clots. All of my investigative tests and ultrasounds etc so far have shown that everything is healthy and normal inside with the exception of some small benign cysts and large fibroids and there is no other sign or obvious reason for my flooding.My gyno told me that an ablation was not suitable for me as I have large fibroids. In fact her opinion as to why the Mirena isn't working for me, may be because it is positioned right beside a very large fibroid. Her advice to me (after we waited 6 months to trial the Mirena properly) is to go back in for day surgery and remove the Mirena AND the large fibroid and then replace the Mirena and see if my flooding improves.Essentially she believes this is my only other option to try other than having a hysterectomy which she says can be done cervically which means less recovery time. My doctor also suggested that I consider removing my ovaries at the same time to also reduce my chances of ovarian cancer in the future... To lose my uterus and my ovaries feels like such a very big loss and important decision for me to make and so I want to be very certain that I have looked into any and every other option and medical opinion first.I have tried so hard to honour and allow my transition into menopause to be as natural as possible and hoped that my periods would just eventually ease off and then stop. But sadly, this is not how my body is adapting to my hormonal changes.At Xmas my 6th month Mirena trial is over and so in the New Year I will need to meet with my gyno again to look at my next option as mentioned above. One thing is for certain... I just cannot go on with the flooding... not only for the incapacitation and inconvenience but my health and iron depletion is being compromised now and I have been advised that the flooding cannot be allowed to continue.Of course my wish come true would be that between now and the New Year my periods would ease or stop of their own accord, but then every month this has been my hope for 9 years but to no avail so far...My other questions and concerns are about what will happen afterwards if I have to take the hysterectomy option...I imagine my body will go straight into medical menopause and aside from my bleeding ceasing, I am wondering what else I will experience not only physically, but on every level of my being... This feels like it will be very sudden rather than an easing into menopause which I would have hoped for...And last but not lease I am also bothered with the thoughts of: "But what if, after 9 years of flooding and menopausal symptoms my cycle is just about to change and my bleeding stops or eases of its own accord next year and I don't wait to find out and have the hysterectomy needlessly....?Then again, my doctor agrees that I could stop flooding/bleeding next year (turning 50 and being my 10th year of symptoms) but then again, it could continue for another 5 years... and I can't tolerate or risk that.So there you have my dilemma.Thankyou so much for listening... it is very helpful and a huge relief even being able to talk about my problem. I am given so many contradicting well meaning advice from others... but mostly they just say: "Well why have you waited so long? Why have you put up with it this long? Why don't you just get rid of it? It's about time!" etc etc etc. and even though I know where they are coming from, it doesn't really help me make the best informed decision I can make nor understand why or how I am trying to look after my body and make this transition as natural as possible - as I did with my childbirth experience.But I am also realistic and know that enough is enough!Any comments, ideas or suggestions would be so very welcome.Bright Blessings to all,LorraineSydneyAustralia
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