Continuous bleeding- non stop

Topic Title: Continuous bleeding- non stop
Created On: 03/25/2008 09:43 AM

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 04/11/2008 01:40 PM

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Posts: 127 replies are facts that I have witnessed in my profession. The physician I work with does not have ANY negative results with the Thermachoice. I have also witnessed very negative results with the HTA performed by other physicians in the same hospital. Also, it does depend on the physician doing the procedure. Some physicians do not perform the thermachoice or HTA procedure correctly, thereby giving a less than satisfactory result. The physician I work with is one of the best in my community, and has the best thermachoice results. That's all I am saying in my postings. If the physician performs the procedure correctly and selects the correct candidates, the results will be good. That's all I'm saying.
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 04/10/2008 10:10 PM

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Kim, I am very glad you had good results with the Thermachoice. However, it has some of the lowest FDA published success rates on the market. At 3 years, Thermachoice has a 68% success rate with Amenorrhea being 15% and Reduction in bleeding being the other 53%. The HTA(HydroThermablator has 3 yr success rates at 94% with Amenorrhea at 53% and reduction in bleeding at 41%. Novasure does not have published data but has success rates below that of the HTA reported at AAGL. You are giving a lot of hope for these type of numbers. I don't believe that there is a perfect ablation device but some of your replys sound like a commercial for your physician.
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 03/25/2008 02:51 PM

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Hi Jazz, if I were you, I would seriously consider having the Thermachoice Endometrial Ablation procedure. It is a quick and easy procedure which works VERY well to control heavy monthly bleeding. I had the procedure done and now have NO monthly bleeding. I still have some monthly PMS, but the bleeding has been controlled. It sounds like you have had enough of the medication trials. They do not seem to be working for you. My suggestion is to consider Thermachoice Endometrial Ablation, and ask your doctor about it during your next appt. You'll be pleased with your results....let me know how you make out...Kim, RN, BSN, GYN Team Leader
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 03/25/2008 09:43 AM

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Hi there,I am 35 yrs old and have been sterlized 2 yrs 3 months now immediately after I had my daughter. Anyway, I use to have regular periods since my c-section and then all of a sudden it started to become painful b4 my period and my period would usually last longer than usual. Normal was 7 days longer became 12-15 days. Anyway went for my annual check-up and pap and the results was all clear but the gyn/obs suggested if period does not lighten then we should look at the mirena to slow the bleeding.Anyway did that last september and since then I have had non-stop bleeding after the mirena. Called gyn he said that it was just the adjustment on my body and I should wait. Give the mirena a chance coz it has a 5yrs stay normally. Anyway in Jan 2008 my GP did FBC and other blood tests and found my WBC was very high and was increasing. He suggested that I take the mirena out and my gyn said its still too earlier for that. Anyway, I went back to gyn and found cysts of left ovaries. Said that was causing the pain but also bleeding has still no stopped since then. Anyway, went back after a month coz of bleeding and tiredness and fatigue and have cysts in right ovaries and said they are still small nothing to worry about. Sorry, in jan the gyn gave me antibiotics which did not work then 2 weeks later gave me progestrone tabs to balance the estrogenlevels which also did not work. I cannot go on the pill cause the bring on migranes and was never on contraception b4. Anyway, beginning of this month the dr says try another round og progestrone tabs and maybe we should consider a D&C or ablation or maybe hysterectomy since I have already had my children and I am already sterlized.Then last week, he called me saying that he was being hasty and that I must call this week to set appointment to remove mirena. I am scheduled for Friday this week.What happens if the removal of the mirena does not stop the bleeding, then what. I am so tired of being tired and moody with my family.This bleeding is driving me crazy.Someone please advice me

Non-Stop bleeding
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