Davinci myomectomy advice

Topic Title: Davinci myomectomy advice
Created On: 12/13/2007 07:45 PM

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 07/05/2008 01:33 AM

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Hi 1 N Jen, If you do not have the robotic surgery, the fibroid will continue to give you problems. The longer you wait, the worse things will be. The Davinci robot is a wonderful piece of technology. Your surgeon will be performing a Laparoscopic Myomectomy with the Davinci. I have seen this robot in action and it is GREAT. I know of a friend who had a total laparoscopic hysterectomy done with the robot in Chicago and she had 4 small bandaids for dressings. We do the laparoscopic myomectomy where I work, but without the robot. Our surgeons must suture and control bleeding laparoscopically with their own 2 hands. The robot is very precise. It's like an extension of your surgeon's hands. I would much rather have the robot than the abdominal incision. As far as rupturing the uterus, this won't happen because the precise robot is going to excise the fibroid out of your uterus, and a layer of the uterus is going to be cut into, and then repaired with sutures. Fibroids are very vascular and produce some bleeding, but there are things that can be used to control it very effectively. We inject the fibroid with a diluted mixture of Vasopressin before excising it, then we lay a sheet of Surgicel before we repair the uterus with sutures. This helps immensely with any bleeding. From my years of experience, from reading your posting, it sounds like your surgeon is making a very wise decision. The robot will allow you less time in the hospital, less postoperative pain, less bleeding because you won't have a big abdominal incision, and a better postop recovery all around. Keep me posted.....hope this helped....Kim, RN, BSN, GYN Team Leader
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 12/13/2007 07:45 PM

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Hi all, hope I'm posting in the correct place. Please advise if I am not.I went to a fertility specialist not to get help conceiving but for them to do a laparoscopy for severe endometriosis and cyst on right ovary 3.4 cm.While examining me and during ultrasound the fibroid I've had for years was seen very clearly and is much much larger than ever thought. It extends fromt eh left wall through the uterus into the right wall and part protrudes into the abdominal cavity. I am 27 and symptoms of severe cramping with bleeding after sex, exercise and long periods, anemia that iron doesn't help. He has suggested the da vinci myomectomy which is supposed to be an easier surgery than the regular type. I'm worried of the risk associated with this for example rupturing uterus, internal bleeding, infection. I've had a laP and it was relatively easy for me I was 20 at the time. He says maybe 1-2 nights in hospital, a week full rest and another week maybe 1/2 days at work. I rreally need your input on how easy/hard this may be. I know everyone is different but on average was your experience good or bad? and anyone who has had this new "davinci myomectomy" where the surgeon actually uses robots to make his incisions and repairs.Please forgive the long post. I would rather not have the surgery but the position of the fibroid would make it impossible to get pregant and though my intention is not to be pregnant now, it is likely in the future as I am newly married. I want to preserve my fertility if at all possible.Help,Love to all,1 N Jen
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