Fibroid dilemma - Can anyone help?

Topic Title: Fibroid dilemma - Can anyone help?
Created On: 11/10/2009 03:55 PM

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 05/19/2010 12:31 AM

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As an expert in hysteroscopic removal of fibroids, I do not use Depo Lupron before surgery. My own personal feeling is that it makes the surgery more difficult. Be sure find find someone with extensive experience in hysteroscopic myomectomy, and there can be many problems if it is not expertly done.

You can read more about the procedure at

Paul Indman, M.D.

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 01/27/2010 02:48 PM

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It may be in your best interest to obtain a second opinion. It sounds like you don't like the options you have been given, and rather than live in pain, search for a qualified gynecologist on our physician finder at He or she may be able to give you additional options for treating your fibroids that will not affect your fertility. Additionally, consider contacting a fertility clinic or another facility that deals with difficult pregnancy or women's reproductive health and talk with them about pregnancy with fibroids. You are certainly not alone in your situation.

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 11/12/2009 08:01 PM

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Does anyone have any input on this? Pls any help? thanks.

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 11/10/2009 03:55 PM

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Bear with me while I explain. Ill try to be consice. 2 yrs ago I got operated for a fibroid. they did hysteroscopic myomectomy through the vagina and cut it off. I was symptom free for 2 yrs. In Feb of this yr, my symptoms returned with heave bleeding and unbearable pain. Another fibroid was detected and the I got the same procedure along with a laproscopy to rule out any endometrisis or any other abnormality. I was symptom free for only a month and symptoms returned (heavy bleeding and unbearable pain) After doing an ultrasound there is another fibroid. The MD says it is overlapping with the one they cut out in June and thinks there might have been a remnant reamining in the wall which they cannot take out since its embedded in the wall and they cannot touch the wall since it will cause infertility. The previous 2 fibroids were 2 cm and this one is 3 cm so she wants me to take Lupron to shrink the fibroid and then operate again. I do not want to have another surgery and we do want a baby. Im so confused what to do? If the fibroid has come back so soon it will come back again and again. What to do? Thanks a lot. R.

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