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May 18, 2022  
UTERUS NEWS: Feature Archives

preterm September 25, 2014
Breast Milk as Nutrition and Medication for Critically Ill Infants:
Human milk is infant food, but for sick, hospitalized babies, it's also medicine. The immunological and anti-inflammatory properties of human milk are especially important for the critically ill infants in intensive care units.

sleeping August 05, 2014
Study Finds New Moms Still Excessively Sleepy After Four Months:
New moms are being urged to be cautious about returning to work too quickly, after a study found one in two were still excessively sleepy four months after giving birth.

music July 01, 2014
Preterm Infants and Their Mothers Benefit from Maternal Singing During Skin-to-Skin Contact:
A mother who sings to her preterm infant while providing 'kangaroo care,' or holding with direct skin-to-skin contact, may see improvements in both her child's and her own health

stress March 04, 2014
Stress Impacts Ability to Get Pregnant:
Researchers find stress can delay pregnancy and double the risk of infertility

water January 02, 2014
Link Discovered Between Bacteria and Premature Water Breaking:
A high presence of bacteria at the site where fetal membranes rupture may be the key to understanding why some pregnant women experience their water breaking prematurely.

tissues December 05, 2013
Allergy Shots During Pregnancy May Decrease Allergies in Children:
Expecting mothers who suffer from allergies may want to consider another vaccination in addition to the flu shot and Tdap.

breastfeeding November 12, 2013
Protecting Babies from HIV Infection through Protein in Breast Milk:
A substance in breast milk that neutralizes HIV and may protect babies from acquiring HIV from their infected mothers has been identified for the first time by researchers at Duke Medicine.

breakfast October 08, 2013
Eating More Calories in the Morning, Rather than Evening, Assists in Overcoming Reproductive Difficulties:
A new study reveals that eating a good breakfast can have a positive impact on women with problems of infertility.

eggs August 08, 2013
Women Feel Positive About Egg Banking, Even Though Many Believe They Will Never Use The Eggs They Have Stored:
Egg freezing as insurance against age-related infertility is a growing trend as women hope to buy a little time in their search for a suitable partner.

spain July 11, 2013
Why Women Donate Their Eggs In European Clinics:
Egg donation is now one of the major reasons why couples travel abroad for fertility treatment. Because this growing trend may circumvent regulations at home or raise concerns about financial inducement, it has also become one of the most controversial.

June 13, 2013
How Pregnancy Provides A Window To Future Health:
Physicians have released a paper that provides significant insight into future health conditions that women are likely to experience, and that can be detected early based on information relating to the course of pregnancy.

May 09, 2013
Child Brides At Increased Risk For Maternal And Infant Mortality:
Countries in which girls are commonly married before the age of 18 have significantly higher rates of maternal and infant mortality.

February 12, 2013
A Child's Risk Of Early Asthma Affected By Pollen Exposure During Pregnancy:
A woman's exposure to high pollen levels in late pregnancy increases the risk of early asthma in the child, according to a group of researchers at Sweden's Umea University in a recent study.

January 08, 2013
Pregnant Women With Hypertension Benefit From Exercise:
Regular exercise before and during pregnancy could have beneficial effects for women that develop high blood pressure during gestation.

December 11, 2012
Women With Polycystic Ovary Syndrome On Combined Pill At Double The Risk For Blood Clots:
Women with polycystic ovary syndrome who are taking combined oral contraceptives have a 2-fold risk of blood clots compared with women without the disorder who take contraceptives.

September 11, 2012
Household Items Leading To Chemical Exposure In The Womb May Contribute To Obesity:
Pregnant women who are highly exposed to common environmental chemicals have babies that are smaller at birth and larger at 20 months of age.

August 14, 2012
Yoga Can Fight Depression During Pregnancy:
Study shows evidence that mindfulness yoga may offer effective treatment for depressed new mothers to be

July 10, 2012
Why Heart Attacks Cause So Much More Damage In Late Pregnancy:
Heart attacks occurring in the last trimester or late months of pregnancy result in worse heart function and more damaged heart tissue than heart attacks among non-pregnant females.

June 12, 2012
Monitor Fetal Heart Using Bluetooth:
An inexpensive and accurate Bluetooth fetal heart rate monitoring system has now been developed by researchers in India for long-term home care.

May 08, 2012
For Pregnant Women Whose Waters Break Early, Watching And Waiting Is Best Management:
Pregnant women whose waters break late in preterm pregnancy but before they are in labor are best managed by monitoring and waiting until they deliver spontaneously

April 09, 2012
Women With Estrogen Receptor Positive Breast Cancer Can Safely Bear Children:
New research has shown for the first time that it is safe for women who have been diagnosed with oestrogen receptor positive breast cancer to become pregnant.

March 06, 2012
The Cost Of Delaying Childbearing:
Freezing eggs or ovarian tissue for the sole purpose of delaying childbearing for social reasons may prove too costly for society.

December 19, 2011
Celebrity Stretch Mark Techniques:
Statistics tell us that 90% of women will develop stretch marks, so how do celebrities like Beyonce and Victoria Beckham manage to keep perfect bodies throughout their pregnancies and in the years following?

October 20, 2011
Removal of fibroids may prevent recurrent miscarriages:
Researchers have discovered that if they removed fibroids that distorted the inside of the womb, the risk of miscarriage in the second trimester of pregnancy was reduced dramatically – to zero.

August 27, 2011
Risk of Stroke in Pregnant Women Increasing:
During pregnancy, women have a higher risk of stroke, and recent evidence indicates that this risk may be increasing.

July 26, 2011
Sex Life After Cancer :
Many patients find trouble with their sex life after cancer and some of the treatments that come along with it.

July 14, 2011
Healthy Mouths Lead to Healthy Babies:
Regularly brushing your teeth not only improves your oral health, it improves your reproductive health. By keeping your mouth healthy, you improve your chances of conceiving and delivering a healthy baby.

June 28, 2011
Exercises to Prevent A Prolapsed Uterus :
Weakening Pelvic muscles, lgiaments, and tissues can cause uterine prolapse. Through specific exercises, you can strenghten the muscles to prevent this.

May 09, 2011
New Research Shows Pregnant Women Could Benefit From Screening For Thyroid Disease:
A screening program for thyroid peroxidase antibodies in pregnant women may help a large number that could go on to develop thyroid disease in the two years following delivery.

April 24, 2011
Mother's Pregnancy Diet Can Increase Child's Chances Of Obesity:
Scientists have discovered that a mother's nutrition during pregnancy can strongly influence her child's risk ofobesity many years later.

March 01, 2011
New Treatment Improves Quality of Life for Breast Cancer Survivors :
For many, the battle against breast cancer takes a toll causes severe hormone deficiency. A new therapy may relieve this and other symptoms.

February 18, 2011
A Mother's Milk:
Preterm mothers’ milk contains less antioxidants than mothers completing their gestation

December 20, 2010
Infertility And Handling The Holidays:
Here are some suggestions for taking care of yourself while getting through the season.

September 18, 2010
Postpartum Depression Seen in the Brain:
Image study reveals that women with postpartum depression have anomalies in brain areas processing emotion.

July 26, 2010
Students Design Early Labor Detector to Help Prevent Premature Births:
Graduate students at Johns Hopkins University, with the help from their faculty advisor, have invented a new device that will allow doctors to detect and potentially prevent premature births.

July 06, 2010
Birth Complication Rates Vary Widely By Hospital:
Women Who Give Birth at Top Hospitals Have 76 Percent Fewer Complications for C-Section, 51 Percent Fewer for Vaginal Birth

June 18, 2010
Why do certain diseases go into remission during pregnancy? :
University of Michigan and NIH scientists find a biological mechanism to explain the phenomenon

May 14, 2010
Free Mobile Health Service to Provide Health Tips to Pregnant Women and New Moms:
Medica partners with with the National Healthy Mothers, Healthy Babies Coalition (HMHB) to form text4baby – a new free mobile information service designed to promote maternal and child health.

March 11, 2010
Good News for Expectant Mothers: Vaginal Birth No Longer Banned Post-C-Section:
The National Institute of Health lifted the long time ban on vaginal birth after a prior Cesarean delivery.

February 17, 2010
Exercising During Pregnancy Does Not Effect Infant Birth Weight:
If you're trying to prevent yourself from giving birth to a baby that weighs too much--exercising during pregnancy is not going to do it. New studies from Norway found that exercising during pregnancy has little effect upon the birth weight of the infant.

January 25, 2010
Cervical Cancer Diagnoses Predicted to Drop by 2025 Due to HPV Vaccine:
As we are coming to the end of January, National Cervical Cancer Awareness Month, the recently developed HPV vaccine is resurfacing in the news. A new study predicts that this vaccine alone will decrease the number of cervical cancer diagnoses in women under thirty by 2025, according to the British Journal of Cancer.

January 20, 2010
January is National Cervical Health Awareness Month:
Learn more about cervical health from the press release National Cervical Cancer Coalition.

January 06, 2010
Abdominal Surgery Causing More Complications for Adults 65+:
For older adults, abdominal surgeries are more dangerous than previously reported.

November 20, 2009
Recent Changes in Cervical Cancer Screening Procedures :
Women should have their first cervical cancer screening at age 21 and can be re-screened less frequently than previously recommended...

May 05, 2009
What to Expect When You’re Expecting – Diabetes Edition:
Even though most women with diabetes have healthy pregnancies and ultimately healthy babies, women with diabetes are at higher risk for miscarriage, stillbirth and babies with birth defects...

November 05, 2008
Breast Cancer Risk Reduced by Vigorous Physical Activity :
A study published in the October, 2008 issue of the journal Breast Cancer Research links vigorous physical activity to a reduced risk of postmenopausal breast cancer in women. The most commonly diagnosed cancer. . .

September 24, 2008
Postpartum Preparation May Be Beneficial for First-time Mothers:
According to a recent study, preparation for first-time mothers’ lives after delivery is in higher demand. Having a baby is one of the most life-altering events and mothers are now looking for more postpartum preparation. . .

May 14, 2008
STIs: Public Health Hazard Posed by Internet Self-Remedies:
A recent team of researchers surveyed the internet to observe the availability of self-treatments for Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs). The internet may provide some privacy to patients who are intimidated by the stigma associated with sexually transmitted diseases, but...

March 26, 2008
A Tale of Two Outcomes: Timing May Be the Key to Hormone Therapy:
Research presented at an annual meeting of the American Heart Association (AHA) posed findings about hormone therapy that highlight timing as the key to their effect...

January 16, 2008
Herbal Medicine Best for Premenstrual Cramps:
A new study that reviewed trials involving 3,475 women found that Chinese herbal medicine (CHM) provided significant improvement in premenstrual cramps...

December 26, 2007
Clever Harvard Pain Study Puts Chile Peppers in the Limelight:
Harvard researchers think they’ve figured out how the capsaicin in chile can eliminate a wide range of pain...

December 17, 2007
Mother’s Milk: At What Price?:
“It seems to me that the medical world of all places wouldn’t put up road blocks in front of a woman’s efforts to breast feed her child,” said Sharon Gonzales...

December 10, 2007
C-section Increases Risk to Mom and Baby:
Non-emergency Caesarean delivery increases maternal and fetal risk, according to a recent report...

December 03, 2007
Hysterectomy May Increase Risk of Incontinence:
For the many American women with non-life threatening medical conditions who undergo hysterectomies, researchers may have found a complication worth considering...

November 26, 2007
Healthy Lifestyle Promotes Fertility:
A healthy diet and regular exercise may promote fertility in otherwise healthy women with an ovulatory disorder...

November 19, 2007
Top Cause of Painful Sex Uncovered:
Sex is supposed to be enjoyable, but for countless women suffering from vulvodynia, that’s not the case...

November 12, 2007
Pregnancy-Related Depression Strikes 15 Percent of Women :
One in seven women suffers from depression before, during or after pregnancy...

November 05, 2007
Women Self-treating Nonexistent Yeast Infections:
Only one in every four women who seeks treatment for persistent yeast infections actually has one...

October 29, 2007
TV-Watching Toddlers Eat More:
Toddlers consume 46 calories for every hour they spend watching television, according to Project Viva...

October 22, 2007
Low-Fat Dietary Pattern May Lower Risk of Ovarian Cancer :
A diet low in fat could reduce the risk of ovarian cancer in healthy postmenopausal women...

October 15, 2007
Trouble Sleeping During Pregnancy Isn’t Inevitable:
Although many pregnant women have trouble sleeping, problems getting good shut-eye aren’t a foregone conclusion...

October 09, 2007
Teens, Diets, and Smoking:
For decades, teenagers have tried to assert their independence with rebellious behaviors like smoking...

October 01, 2007
Link Between Obesity and Infertility Found:
Researchers at the University of Adelaide in Australia have pinned down the relationship between obesity and infertility...

September 24, 2007
Contraceptive Pills Don’t Increase Cancer Risk:
Contraceptive pills do not increase the overall risk of cancer and may even reduce some risks, according to a large British cohort study...

September 17, 2007
Dangerous Beauty:
Researchers have found a link between some chemicals found in cosmetics and personal care products, and cancer...

September 10, 2007
The Grapes of Allopathy: Concord Grapes May Fight Breast Cancer:
Grape juice may no longer be just for adorable toddlers...

September 04, 2007
Survey Says Most Healthcare Providers Do Not Ask Patients About Sexual Health Difficulties:
The Women's Sexual Health Foundation research identifies critical need for women to be proactive about their sexual well being...

August 27, 2007
A New Advance in Detecting Metastatic Breast Cancer May Ease Treatment For Women:
A new diagnostic test can determine if breast cancer has spread or not, in minutes...

August 20, 2007
Public Health Officials Recommend Meningitis Vaccination for Adolescents and Young Adults:
Important information for moms this school year...

August 13, 2007
Severe Premenstrual Depression May Be In Our Genes:
It’s time to stop writing off PMS as an excuse women use for acting irritable and depressed...

August 06, 2007
Hormone Could Help With Both Osteoporosis And Osteoarthritis:
A current osteoporosis treatment might have potential for treating osteoarthritis as well...

July 30, 2007
Sex Differences in Lung Cancer Treatment:
Women with advanced-staged lung cancer have a better overall survival rate than men, but there’s a catch...

July 23, 2007
A Little Extra Vitamin D May Lower Premenopausal Breast Cancer Risk:
A glass of milk and a walk in the bright sunshine might help younger women lower their risk of breast cancer...

July 16, 2007
Improve Your Blood Pressure with Soy Nuts?:
A new study suggests post-menopausal women may reap health benefits from eating soy nuts...

July 09, 2007
Periodontal Bacteria Found In Amniotic Fluid:
Study evaluates women at risk for premature labor and finds periodontal bacteria in amniotic fluid...

July 02, 2007
For the First Time, Consensus Reached On Early Ovarian Cancer Symptoms :
Due to a series of vague signs and symptoms, ovarian cancer often isn’t diagnosed until late stages....

June 25, 2007
Baby Boomer Women Hardest Hit by Pelvic Health Conditions, Says New Report :
A new report reveals for the first time the high prevalence of pelvic health conditions among women in the United States...

June 18, 2007
Back Pain and Pregnancy:
Back pain is very common during pregnancy, and relief is possible...

June 11, 2007
Women Who Exercise into Their Seventies May Delay Onset of Arthritis:
Arthritis, the painful swelling of joints within the body, is the most prevalent chronic condition for middle-aged and older people...

June 04, 2007
Link Between Smoking and Mental Disorders Discovered in Pregnant Women:
Yet another reason to quit smoking has been discovered in a study published in Obstetrics and Gynecology...

May 29, 2007
Risk Associated with Hormone Therapy Depends On Age:
A new analysis of data from a landmark study released in 2002 has redefined the best use of hormone therapy...

May 21, 2007
Sex Differences and Medication:
National survey reveals women rarely talk to doctors and pharmacists about how drugs can affect them uniquely...

May 14, 2007
Breast Cancer Survivor from ‘The Nations Within’ Raises Awareness for Early Detection :
While much can divide Americans in our increasingly multicultural society, breast cancer knows no boundaries...

May 07, 2007
National Women’s Health Week Brings Reminder: Take Care of Yourself:
Have you ever felt rushed through a routine medical check-up with your doctor?

April 30, 2007
Bed Rest May Not Be The Solution For Pregnant Women:
Each year, about 700,000 pregnant women in the United States are put on bed rest. New research suggests this may actually be harmful...

April 23, 2007
High-Risk Women Should Get MRI Scan Plus Mammogram:
Researchers have found that adding an MRI scan to breast evaluation can nearly double the number of cancers immediately found in high-risk women...

April 16, 2007
Mercury Concerns During Pregnancy:
New research suggests expecting moms may need to take extra precautions when it comes to fish consumption...

April 09, 2007
Regular Aspirin Use May Decrease Risk of Death in Women:
Regular aspirin use may benefit healthy women by reducing the risk of death from any cause, but most especially from heart disease-related causes...

April 02, 2007
Bark Extract Helps Endometriosis Symptoms:
Japanese researchers have found relief for women who suffer from endometriosis in the bark of the pine tree...

March 26, 2007
Magnet Therapy Can Help With Menopause:
A small, inexpensive magnet is effective in treating menopause symptoms, according to a study conducted in the United Kingdom....

March 19, 2007
Pain in the Back, Shoulder, or Neck? Over Half of Women Polled Blame Their Bra:
A recent poll indicated that 59 percent of women ‘sometimes’ or ‘rarely’ experience back, neck, or shoulder pain associated with bra use...

March 12, 2007
The American Heart Association Issues New Heart Disease and Stroke Guidelines for Women:
Aspirin may be the key for some women...

March 05, 2007
Breastfeeding Doesn’t Increase Babies’ Intelligence:
For many women, the question of whether to breast-feed their baby or use formula is a tough one...

February 26, 2007
Uterus Transplant May Become Viable Infertility Treatment:
An exciting new frontier in assisted reproduction...

February 20, 2007
Stress, Breasts and Fibroids:
A recent study published in the British Medical Journal linked high stress levels with lower risk of breast cancer...

February 12, 2007
Quit It! Addicts’ Drug May Help Women Stop Smoking:
Potential new use found for addiction therapy...

February 05, 2007
Psychological Distress Associated with Menstrual Problems – An Under-Funded Public Health Issue:
In Part Two, we take a closer look at the research...

January 29, 2007
Psychological Distress Associated with Menstrual Problems: An Under-Funded Public Health Issue:
PMS is a very real condition, and deserves to be treated as such...

January 18, 2007
Breast Implant Safety: Weighing the Risks and Gains:
Silicone breast implants were recently approved by the FDA. Here are some points to consider...

January 04, 2007
Minority Women Less Likely To Detect Breast Cancer Early:
African American women are 28 percent more likely than Caucasian women to die from breast cancer...

December 11, 2006
Calm Your Nerves with an Aerobic Workout: Staying the Course Through the Holidays:
One way to stay happy during the holidays is to be vigilant when it comes to your aerobic workout...

December 04, 2006
Baggy Sweats No More! Study Finds Women are More Stylish During Ovulation:
New research suggests that beyond the innate desire so many have to simply look good, the answer might actually lie in hormones...

November 27, 2006
HPV Vaccine Provides Hope and Education :
You may have seen ad campaigns urging women to “Tell Someone” and be “One Less” victim...

November 21, 2006
Holiday Cheat Sheet: Tips for Healthy Gift-Giving:
Throughout the holiday season, health-conscious women and mothers must perform a delicate balancing act between pleasure and pragmatism...

November 13, 2006
Good Food, Good Medicine - Iron Deficiency Anemia and Dark Green Vegetables:
In Part Two, Chef and Registered Dietician Garrett Berdan takes us through some delicious meal ideas with dark green veggies...

November 06, 2006
Good Food, Good Medicine – Iron Deficiency Anemia and Dark Green Vegetables:
In the old days, young women who were anemic were simply told to stop by the drug store. These days, the conversation at the doctor’s office might just as likely turn to your diet...

October 30, 2006
Oncology Massage Can Help Breast Cancer Patients:
Gayle MacDonald, MS, LMT, observes that massage can have the unexpected consequence of creating a space for women with breast cancer to safely express their thoughts and feelings...

October 24, 2006
Oncology Massage Can Help Breast Cancer Patients – If Done Cautiously and Correctly:
For some women, oncology massage is healing at every stage of the breast cancer experience, from diagnosis through to treatment...

October 16, 2006
Fertility in Paradise?:
Conceiving in paradise has taken on a whole new twist. Foreigners are flocking to Thailand for fertility treatments like in-vitro fertilization (IVF) and embryo transfer (ET)...

October 11, 2006
Preserving Continence as We Age:
Medical director of the Providence Continence Center in Portland, Oregon, Lesley Otto, M.D., has some encouraging thoughts breakthroughs as well as some comments on ideas that have been around for awhile...

October 03, 2006
Pregnancy Cravings that Become Eating Disorders Can Harm Your Teeth:
Eating disorders affect seven million American women each year, but they are even more dangerous when a woman is pregnant...

September 26, 2006
Menopause Management – Part Four:
The previous parts in this series explored mainstream and alternative therapies to treat menopause symptoms– what science knows, what everyday women know and what is still unknown. In this final part...

September 20, 2006
Traumatic Brain Injury Leads to Urinary Incontinence – Part Two:
I didn’t notice the incontinence at first because a lot was blurry. But after awhile I would start to go to the bathroom and just couldn’t hold it. I just couldn’t wait...

September 11, 2006
Morning After Pill Approved for Over the Counter Sales :
It will still take a few months for the morning after pill, Plan B, to reach the shelves. But by the end of 2006 or early in 2007 women 18 and older will be able to purchase the pills...

September 05, 2006
Traumatic Brain Injury Leads to Urinary Incontinence: One Woman’s Story:
She pulled up behind a long line of cars at a stop light not far from where she lives in the community of Bethany...

August 29, 2006
Menopause Management – Part Three:
It’s when we depart from the sphere of lifestyle changes that traditional medical practitioners and those who ascribe to complementary and alternative approaches tend to diverge...

August 21, 2006
Chlamydia – Diagnoses on the Rise :
It’s hard to get treated if you don’t know you’re sick. That’s the problem for three fourths of the women and one half of the men who have chlamydia...

August 16, 2006
Surgery and IUD Produce Similar Patient Results for Heavy Periods:
Although every woman’s menstrual cycle is different, there is an unlucky group of women who experience heavy menstrual bleeding each month. But treatment is available...

August 08, 2006
Menopause Management – Part Two:
After the Women’s Health Initiative study delivered alarming news regarding traditional hormone replacement therapy in 2002, many women have explored alternative methods of managing menopausal symptoms. ...

July 26, 2006
No, Period.:
A new trend is growing in women’s health: Shorter, or even non-existent periods are in. According to many doctors, more and more women are using birth control pills to manipulate...

July 18, 2006
Menopause Management: An Alternative Medicine Update:
Hot flashes and night sweats. Vaginal dryness which can lead to painful intercourse. Insomnia. Depression or moodiness. Problems thinking or remembering things...

July 12, 2006
Pregnancy Over Age 30 – Women Waiting Longer :
My neighbor across the street waited until she was in her late 30s to have a son and subsequently, a sweet little daughter named Fiona. Historically, though, healthcare providers have viewed women over 30 or 35...

July 06, 2006
Study Suggests Dairy Might Influence Your Chances for Twins:
For centuries people have wondered if there’s something they can do to affect the outcome of a pregnancy. Witch doctors, midwives, seers, moon cycles, tides and ‘old wives’ are just some...

June 26, 2006
The Lady has the Blues – Part Two:
Our first part in “The Lady has the Blues” discussed the problem of depression and its tendency to weigh more heavily on women than men. Here, though, we aim to raise the bar some and look at solutions for this widespread problem...

June 21, 2006
The Lady has the Blues – Women and Depression:
Anxiety, low self-esteem, guilt and obsessive thoughts of suicide: We really wish we weren’t talking about these problems in terms of women’s health, but unfortunately depression is a gender thing...

June 13, 2006
Spacing Births Means Healthier Babies:
For women thinking about having a second child, timing is everything. By spacing their pregnancies at least 18 months after their first birth and no more than five years later, experts found that women can increase their chances of having a healthy baby...

June 06, 2006
Obesity Linked to Rising Number of Cesarean Births:
Though it is common for people to blame the recent increase in cesarean births to patient requests and physicians’ schedules, there may be another culprit to blame: Rising obesity rates...

May 30, 2006
Mothers Who Work May Enjoy Better Health – Although Not Less Stress:
“I personally believe that a stay-at-home mother can end up becoming a couch potato,” said 54-year-old Cindy Dietrich...

May 24, 2006
Perimenopause: A Critical Time for Health:
One of the biggest disappointments of HRT (hormone replacement therapy) was that it actually didn’t prevent heart disease in menopausal women. New research is suggesting that the problem has been with the timing of HRT: It is being given too late...

May 15, 2006
Perimenopause and Depression: Risks and Symptoms:
Experts have been talking about the link between gender and depression for some time, but new research shows that women approaching menopause have more reason to evaluate their symptoms...

May 09, 2006
Too Posh to Push? Think Again:
“Too posh to push” mothers-to-be might want to review the latest findings about cesarean delivery on maternal request (CDMR). A new scientific review...

May 01, 2006
Breast Cancer in Pregnant Women – Detectable and Treatable:
For women who suffer from breast cancer during pregnancy, recent studies provide several reasons to be encouraged...

April 25, 2006
Endometrial Cancer on the Rise – Weight Plays a Role:
“Overweight and obesity and endometrial cancer?” said Rob Harriman of Portland, Ore. “It doesn’t surprise me. What health problems don’t being too heavy cause? It’s all we hear these days...

April 19, 2006
Mom’s Antidepressants May Cause Deadly Disorder in Fetus:
Many women experience depression at some point during or after pregnancy, but when it comes to those who are considering antidepressant use during pregnancy...

April 11, 2006
Resistant Ovarian Cancer Responds to Aspirin Derivative:
A recent study examining ovarian cancer cells may provide researchers with ammunition in their battle against recurrent cancers, and the new weapon seems improbably simple...

April 03, 2006
Examining Conflicting Views on Hormone Replacement Therapy:
Until this decade, hormone therapy (HRT) was touted as the holy grail of treatments for menopausal women. A few years ago, however, new information was released that suggested that HRT increased health risks...

March 27, 2006
Fatigue a Factor for Postpartum Depression:
Given all that is involved in delivering a baby, it’s certainly no surprise that new mothers are exhausted following the birth. But out of all that surrounds a new birth, it’s fatigue that lingers after those initial days of tiredness that is especially significant to researchers...

March 20, 2006
Soy Products Shown to Affect Reproductive Process in Mice:
New research examining the effects of soy products on mice has shown that genistein, a major component of soy, can affect the fertility of mice when they are exposed to it in early life...

March 13, 2006
Study Connects Birth Defects, Twins and IVF:
Recently, a popular technique used for in-vitro fertilization (IVF) was connected to a higher risk of birth defects in pregnancies achieved with its help. Assisted hatching, as the technique is called...

March 07, 2006
Stress – From the Female Perspective:
“Before, I just thought I was a witch just like my mother before me and her mother before her. Now I realize there’s a bit more to stress and a person’s ability to cope with it." said May Smith from...

February 27, 2006
Pain During Sexual Intercourse Associated with Tilted Uterus:
“After discovering on my wedding night that sexual intercourse was exceedingly painful – like not only in my abdomen, but clear behind all the way through my lower back...

February 24, 2006
In Women, Loss of Elastic Fibers Leads to Pelvic Floor Disorders:
Female pelvic floor disorders (FPFDs) might sound like the name of an unusual condition, but in fact, recent medical research indicates that as many as 50 percent of American women may be sufferers of FPFDs...

February 13, 2006
The Truth about the Contraceptive Patch:
Since the Ortho Evra contraceptive patch was introduced to the market, many women have praised the breakthrough in convenience that allows them to forgo their daily pill. In the past few months, however, other women have been placing frantic calls to their doctors...

February 06, 2006
New Research Examines Effects of MS Drugs on Pregnancy:
Two studies published in 2005 offered a first glimpse into whether risks to mother and baby actually exist, and what those risks might be...

February 02, 2006
Getting Some Respect At Last – Vulvar Pain Syndrome:
In the past, many women with vulvar pain have had to deal not only with the significant physical torment this syndrome brings, but also the idea that they might be so neurotic that their minds have manifested the condition...

January 23, 2006
Advertising Fertility through the Face – It Seems Attractive Women do it Best:
Brad Pitt’s desire to start a family and his attraction to Angelina Jolie may have an evolutionary explanation. New research suggests that the facial features Ms. Jolie is best known for – those full lips and big eyes...

January 17, 2006
“Peek and Shriek” Ovarian Cancer Surgeries Unnecessary Says Latest Research:
In a move not seen since 1999 when it publicized a major advance in cervical cancer treatment, the National Cancer Institute (NCI), part of the National Institutes of Health, issued an announcement...

January 09, 2006
One Year of Breastfeeding Lowers Mom’s Risk of Diabetes:
For women who are undecided about whether to breastfeed or not, a recent study’s findings might make their decision a little easier...

January 03, 2006
Breast Cancer Research has Banner Year:
Fifty years ago the only available treatment for breast cancer was a full mastectomy done on the operating table. We’ve come a long way...

December 28, 2005
Ovarian Cancer – A Silent Killer of Women:
It’s good news for almost everyone according to the 2005 National Cancer Institute report. Overall the risk of death from cancer has lowered – all except for ovarian cancer. The death rate for this disease has not changed in 50 years...

December 19, 2005
Eating Disorders Primer:
“I spent so much time eating or thinking about eating that I couldn’t keep the rest of my life together. When I think about all the money I’ve spent on binges and diets and therapy over the years, I’m stunned...

December 12, 2005
Asthma Prevention During Pregnancy Best for Babies:
For pregnant women with asthma, finding a balance between treating their disease and protecting their babies can be tricky. What’s worse – asthma treatments or asthma flares...

December 06, 2005
Predicting Violence Between the Genders:
Relationship violence is rather frightening. So are the numbers that say in 1998 (the latest year statistics are available from the U.S. Bureau of Justice Statistics) about 876,000 women were victims of violent crimes by a current or former male partner...

November 28, 2005
Just Us Girls – Cranberries and the Prevention and Treatment of UTIs:
We’ll draw on the latest science surrounding the cranberry’s ability to ward off UTIs, and we even include a recipe for the very delectable Cranberry Ice. But before we get to whipping up the cream and squeezing lemons...

November 21, 2005
Heavy Bleeding 101 – Part Three:
Like diagnosis, treatment of menorrhagia is not straight-forward, and practitioners must weigh a number of factors including the condition and history of a woman’s general health...

November 14, 2005
Heavy Bleeding 101 – Part Two:
Otherwise healthy populations of women will experience heavy bleeding or menorrhagia at rates of 9 to 14 percent at some point during their reproductive lives. Consequently, an understanding of how physicians diagnose the problem can be useful...

November 08, 2005
Heavy Bleeding 101:
Heavy bleeding or menorrhagia is the most common gynecologic complaint that sends women in to see professionals. This troublesome symptom is also the cause of two-thirds of the hysterectomies that are performed in the United States each year...

October 31, 2005
Living with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome :
Five to 10 percent of American women that get PCOS usually begin experiencing symptoms during puberty and the disease is progressive. That means even though PCOS strikes women in their child bearing years, even after menopause...

October 24, 2005
Daily Stress Does Not Cause Breast Cancer:
Stressed out over your stress? Well, relax. A study published in the September issue of the British Medical Journal suggests that stress does not cause breast cancer and certain types of stress may actually help prevent it...

October 17, 2005
The Birth of a Miracle Baby:
Canadian doctors have recently witnessed a miracle. When surgeons at St Joseph’s Health Care in London, Ontario performed a caesarian on 28-year-old Lia Tharby, they were astonished to discover baby Emylea growing in her mother’s abdomen...

October 11, 2005
Do You Feel the Heat? Hot Flashes – How They Happen and Why:
A sudden, intense sensation throughout the body – a hot flash. Its name alone instigates an immediate visceral response for many. Statistics show that about four out of five women will experience hot flashes...

October 03, 2005
Satisfy Pregnancy Food Cravings the Healthy Way:
We’re all accustomed to tales of pregnant women consuming wacky food combinations like peanut butter and pickles or engaging in late-night sojourns to the freezer for rocky road ice cream. Why women crave certain foods during pregnancy remains...

September 26, 2005
Good News about Good Fat:
Curvy women rejoice! New research is showing that fat carried on the legs, hips and buttocks may actually protect against heart disease and diabetes. Two separate Danish studies have found that hip fat contains adiponectin, a beneficial anti-inflammatory protein hormone...

September 19, 2005
The Secret’s Out: Pelvic Floor Disorders and How to Handle Them:
If forced to, many women will tell you that pelvic floor disorders are their embarrassing little secret. But what may surprise most is just how many women keep this health problem hidden...

September 12, 2005
Break Into a Sweat, Baby! Exercise Benefits Both:
Like so many health and wellness issues, opinions over exercising and pregnancy have volleyed back and forth, leaving women wondering, how much is too much? Luckily, gone are the days when women were told anything but walking could be dangerous...

September 06, 2005
Menopause and Depression – Jury Still Out on the Connection:
“Mood and depression,” said Heidi Nelson, M.D., medical director of Portland, Oregon’s Providence Women’s Health, "that’s the hot button. There are some studies out there that show a link..."

August 29, 2005
Caregiving – A Gender-Specific Job?:
Consider that by the year 2040 the elderly portion of the U.S. population could total 23 percent as opposed to the 12.6 percent of 1990, the dynamic is cause for concern – especially when the typical caregiver is a 57-year-old female who is both married and employed...

August 22, 2005
HPV Vaccine Poised to Save Women’s Lives:
Robbie Jones isn’t here today to celebrate the news. The Tigard, Oregon woman died last year from cervical cancer. “I only wish the help had come earlier,” said Jones’ husband, Steve. “We tried every thing to save her, but it was the virus that won in the end...

August 15, 2005
My Mother Made Me Do it – Links Between in Utero Tobacco Exposure and ADHD:
ADHD kids were found in 59 percent of smoking mothers as compared to only 35 percent in those who didn’t light up...

August 08, 2005
Got PMS, Get Milk:
A quart of milk a day may keep the PMS symptoms away. That’s the conclusion of a new study which found that eating foods rich in calcium and Vitamin D can reduce the risk of developing PMS...

August 01, 2005
Episiotomy: Measuring Odds and Risks :
Despite the fact that the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology has said that episiotomies should not be routine practice since 1983, the study found that about 1 million women annually received episiotomies...

July 26, 2005
Cervical Swab May Be Sufficient for Prenatal Testing :
Recently, researchers uncovered good news for the many women and families who carry a genetic disorder and want to prevent passing it along and the many who are simply curious...

July 18, 2005
Recent Study: Planned Home Births Safe:
Many women are curious about home birth, and it’s not unusual for expecting moms to say they would prefer to experience the process of labor and delivery in a familiar place, rather than the unfamiliar, and at times frightening, confines of a hospital...

July 11, 2005
The Low-Down on Pelvic Exams:
War stories from the pelvic exam table. It’s enough to make females give up. While physicians like to refer to the pelvic exam as a routine procedure, women across the board shudder at the thought of stirrups. Still they troop in for the annual affair, and there’s good reason why...

July 05, 2005
What Moms Eat May Predispose Children to Illness:
Some mothers are urged by friends and family to “keep their strength up” by eating what they want during pregnancy, bolstered by the belief that loading up on rich foods will lead to rosy infants and children...

June 27, 2005
When Baby Doesn't Make Three: Infertility and Mental Health:
For most parents, deciding to become pregnant is a powerful period of anticipation and excitement. But for couples battling infertility, the long term struggles to conceive can cause devastating emotional issues...

June 20, 2005
Moderate Exercise May Help Prevent Ovarian Cancer:
Prior research has hinted that exercise can help prevent certain types of cancer including breast and colon cancer. This has led some to take up more active lifestyles, while other sedentary types worry that it would take a marathon to help them overcome the cumulative effect...

June 13, 2005
Emotions, Costs and Mammography:
“The last time I had a mammogram, they found a tiny lump way inside my breast close to the chest wall by my ribs,” said Beth Schabacher of Flagstaff, Arizona. “My physician said the chances that the lump was benign were high...

June 06, 2005
Chronic Pelvic Pain and Varicose Veins – What’s the Connection:
For the estimated one-third of women who will experience chronic pelvic pain during their lives, the good news is that there are effective treatment methods. News like this increases the chance of the public becoming more acquainted with Interventional Radiology...

May 31, 2005
More Reason to Worry? Women and Anxiety/Panic Disorders:
For some people, a dislike of flying or crowded places can mean nothing more than a small discomfort, the body’s natural “fight or flight” response to stimuli. For others, though, such fears can be paralyzing, leading to complete aversion to activities...

May 23, 2005
Too Posh to Push?:
Doctors, health practitioners and health organizations are starting to sound the alarm bells on the “too push to push” trend. Pregnant celebrities were the first to start this highly-controversial practice of choosing a surgical C-section delivery over natural childbirth when there is no compelling medical reason to do so...

May 16, 2005
Painful Periods Related to Stress:
Every woman has experienced a painful menstrual period at least once. In fact dysmenorrhea or painful periods affect between 40 to 90 percent of women and is the most common gynecology disorder. No one is quite sure what causes painful periods but according to a new study stress may be a contributing factor...

May 09, 2005
Back Pain and Pregnancy: How to Weather a Problematic Pairing:
According to most experts, roughly half of all pregnant women will suffer some form of lower back pain during pregnancy. Not only that, but the pain may begin before the third month of pregnancy and continue until as late as six months after a woman gives birth...

May 02, 2005
Fibromyalgia – “Crazy Women” No More:
Even the touch of the sheets was excruciating. And the feel of someone’s hand or a light bracelet on her wrist sent pain shooting up Lynn Matallana’s arm...

April 26, 2005
Chronic Pelvic Pain can be Resolved with Proper Care:
Many women in the United States suffer from chronic pelvic pain, but fewer of these tend to persist in seeking diagnoses and cures for their symptoms, say experts. However, with appropriate treatment of the underlying health problems that cause the pain...

April 20, 2005
Breast Cancer Protection Act Seeks Longer Hospitalization for Patients:
When it comes time for women with breast cancer to have surgery, patients discover they’re short-changed by the insurance systems. They are encouraged to leave hospitals before their surgeons feel they should...

April 11, 2005
No Link Between Baby Blues and Caesarian Sections :
The baby blues are much as folks have thought them to be for decades now – a rather unfortunate, but nonetheless, quite common aspect of childbirth that is largely affected by hormones and the mother’s larger life context and influences...

April 05, 2005
Long-Awaited Women’s Health Bill Introduced :
In early March, Senators Olympia Snowe (R-Maine) and Barbara Mikulski (D-Maryland) introduced the Women’s Health Office Act, a bill designed to make permanent women’s health-related offices and positions at five federal agencies...

March 28, 2005
Drugs May Reduce Mom-To-Baby AIDS:
One of the most difficult challenges of the AIDS virus is the mother-to-infant transmission. However several new drug trials have been completed using a short and relatively inexpensive combination of HIV drugs with promising results in protecting infants from contracting AIDS from infected mothers...

March 21, 2005
New Vaccine May Prevent Cervical Cancer :
Seventy percent of the half a million cases of cervical cancer diagnosed each year are attributed to HPV and an estimated 280,000 women die from cervical cancer each year...

March 14, 2005
Happy Mom, Sad Baby: Antidepressants During Pregnancy :
Recent research indicates that drugs used to treat depression, anxiety and other psychological disorders can be unsafe for pregnant women...

March 07, 2005
Reduce Risk for Preemies and Miscarriage with Good Dental Hygiene:
The to-do list for an expectant mom adds up quickly, and one item that is often overlooked is a visit to the dentist. It might come as a surprise, but pregnancy affects a woman’s teeth and gums just as other tissues in the body...

March 01, 2005
Pain Relief Without Risk:
There is great news for pregnant women who may be considering the use of an epidural during labor. In contrast to widely-held beliefs, a new study found that administering an epidural does not increase the risk of Caesarean births.

February 23, 2005
Eliminating Cervical Cancer :
A recent report by a bipartisan women’s government group has offered both good and bad news about the prevention of cervical cancer. The good news, especially for the many American women who dutifully schedule their annual Pap tests: Cervical cancer rates have taken a nosedive in recent years...

February 17, 2005
Alternatives to Hormone Replacement Therapy for Menopause:
Transitioning to menopause can be unpleasant for many women. The traditional treatment of hormone replacement therapy (HRT) has fallen out of favor with recent studies showing a link between long term use and an increase in breast cancer...

February 14, 2005
Antidepressants During Pregnancy May Lead to Withdrawal in Newborns:
Recent research from Spain indicates that the use of selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) by pregnant women is connected to withdrawal symptoms in newborn babies.

February 10, 2005
Vaginal Hysterectomy Preferred Over Abdominal Hysterectomy:
Recently, scientists in New Zealand researched a group of previous studies on vaginal versus abdominal hysterectomy and found that vaginal hysterectomy is by far preferable to the abdominal option, which alternately results in long, painful recovery times...

February 07, 2005
Protein Levels Indicate Serious Pregnancy Complication:
New study results from the Institute of Child Health and Human Development – part of the National Institutes of Health – found that a test measuring the protein levels in the urine of pregnant women can accurately predict the development of preeclampsia...

February 03, 2005
Secondhand Smoke Connected to Cervical Cancer:
A study recently published in the journal Obstetrics and Gynecology has exposed a connection between secondhand smoke exposure and cervical cancer, also known as cervical neoplasia.

January 31, 2005
Morning After Pill Under Review by FDA:
Barr Pharmaceuticals, makers of the so-called “morning after pill” known as Plan B, has filed a request with the FDA, asking that the emergency contraception pill be approved for over-the-counter sale. Barr’s request last year to make the drug available for OTC purchase was turned down by the FDA...

January 28, 2005
Partner Abuse Significantly Affects Reproductive Health:
A recent article published by Journal of the American Medical Women’s Association found that partner abuse and violence significantly affected women’s reproductive health. While there are a variety of ways in which abuse impacts reproductive health and decision-making...

January 25, 2005
New Guidelines Assess Pregnancy and Asthma:
For the first time in over a decade, the National Asthma Education and Prevention Program issued updated guidelines for pregnant women with asthma. The guidelines are based on the premise that asthma medications are safer for unborn babies than acute asthma exacerbations are...

January 14, 2005
Preeclampsia: Facts and Factors for Expecting Mothers:
Most health-conscious women with dreams of motherhood have heard the term “preeclampsia” at some point in their lives. But many still wonder just what this condition is, and who is at risk.

January 11, 2005
Birth Rates On the Rise in Older Women:
Health experts from the Center for Disease Control recently issued a statement that noted older women are having more babies than previously, with more women in their 30s and 40s opting to have children due to career and other concerns.

December 13, 2004
IUD Device Doubles as Treatment for Heavy Periods:
While many women have already realized the convenience and effectiveness of using intrauterine devices (IUDs), new research suggests that a certain type of these birth control devices can double as a treatment for excessively heavy periods, or menorrhagia.

December 01, 2004
In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) Success Rates Can Vary By Race:
Black and Asian women have a lower success rate with assisted reproductive techniques than their white and Hispanic counterparts, researchers declared, as demonstrated by two studies.

November 24, 2004
Exercise, Obesity, and Height Found To Be Linked to Endometrial Cancer:
A new study from Maastricht University in The Netherlands and published in the November 3, 2004 Journal of the American Cancer Institute has shown a connection between endometrial cancer and factors such as physical inactivity, obesity, and height.

November 02, 2004
Study: Vaccine Protects Against Cancer:
Efforts to develop the world's first vaccine to prevent cervical cancer took a key step forward Monday with test results suggesting that it can provide long-lasting protection.

October 21, 2004
Higher Doses of Drug Oxytocin Okay for Labor Augmentation, Say Researchers:
A recent study of the effects of the labor augmentation drug oxytocin has demonstrated that high-dose oxytocin regimens during labor are as safe as low-dose regimens, and can significantly shorten the amount of time women are in labor.

October 07, 2004
Program Helps Cancer Patients Preserve Fertility Options:
The diagnosis of cancer is often unexpected, and young people who want to have children can be faced with the prospect of sudden infertility.

September 25, 2004
Blood Test Helps Detect Ovarian Cancer Earlier:
A study recently published in the journal Cancer Research shows how blood tests can be a helpful tool in detecting ovarian cancer in its early stages.

August 19, 2004
Lessons For Women From A Physician Who Survived Cancer:
Learning the warning signs for gynecologic cancer could save your life-even if you don't think you are at risk.

August 09, 2004
Two New Studies Offer Information About Menstrual Migraines:
Women who have noticed a correlation between migraines and their monthly period now have scientific evidence to support the connection. They also may have hope for a preventative medicine.

July 28, 2004
Soy May Lead to Thickening of Uterine Walls:
According to a new study, prolonged use of soy tablets may increase the risk of endometrial hyperplasia, the thickening of the uterus lining.

July 21, 2004
Social Stress May Increase Uterine Cancer Risk:
Social stress has been shown to increase the risk of uterine cancer in a species of postmenopausal monkeys that have similar reproductive physiologies as women. The study also suggests that moderate alcohol consumption does not increase breast cancer risk.

July 12, 2004
Unnecessary Pap Smears Performed on Patients Post-Hysterectomy:
A study published in the June 23 issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association discusses a surprising discovery about the regular Pap smears that many women undergo in an attempt to maintain continuing good health.

July 01, 2004
Menopause is Affected by the Seasons:
April showers bring May flowers, but that’s not all. Menopause also blossoms in the springtime, according to researchers in Hungary, suggesting there are seasonal variations in reproductive hormones that make it more likely for women to start missing periods in the spring months rather than the fall.

June 22, 2004
Study Finds Doctors’ Diagnosis of Uterine Cancer Frequently Inaccurate:
A new research study found that uterine biopsy – normally thought to be the most definitive indicator of the presence of cancerous or precancerous cells in the uterus – is far less conclusive than previously thought.

June 14, 2004
Women With Heavy Periods Express Concern About Symptoms, Treatment Options:
A recent web-based survey completed early this year found that women who suffer from abnormally heavy periods have strong opinions about what they want, treatment-wise.

June 02, 2004
PMS May Predict Symptoms Later in Life:
For those women who suffer through monthly symptoms of premenstrual syndrome (PMS), awaiting the day menopause will bring an end to the cramps and bloating, "the change" may be a mixed blessing.

May 21, 2004
Ob-Gyns Take Steps to Improve Patient Safety and Reduce Malpractice Rates:
The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists announced plans to meet national patient safety standards while combating soaring malpractice rates with strategies learned from another high-risk profession — commercial and military aviation.

May 05, 2004
Estrogen Replacement Lowers Fracture Risk but Increases Rates of Stroke:
The latest findings from the Women’s Health Initiative Trial show that estrogen replacement alone lowered the incidence of fractures and some cancers in postmenopausal women, however the incidence of stroke was higher with estrogen use.

April 23, 2004
New Findings in Endometritis Study:
A recent study at the University of Washington in Seattle has new information for sufferers of endometritis. The study was designed to show that antibiotics may be an effective treatment for endometritis.

April 15, 2004
Tilted Uterus: an Obstacle to Pregnancy?:
For some women who are struggling to become pregnant, the obstacle may be a tipped uterus, though experts say the data on the topic is sparse and inconclusive.

February 26, 2004
Less Invasive Treatment for Excessive Uterine Bleeding:
More than 2 million women in the United States each year seek help from their gynecologists for excessive uterine bleeding, a condition called menorrhagia.

February 24, 2004
Natural Protein Offers Hope for Treating Prolapse:
For many women the pressure of childbirth leaves the uterus unable to bounce back to it’s pre-labor condition, but new research out of Boston has identified a protein responsible for elasticity - and it may one day serve as a treatment for recovery after childbirth.

November 01, 2003
Supracervical Hysterectomy Preserves Cervix:
Women who hear the term hysterectomy from a gynecologist experience certain deaths: the death of their reproductive lives and in the past, the death of their sex lives.

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