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June 16, 2019  
UTERINE NEWS: Feature Story

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  • Calm Your Nerves with an Aerobic Workout

    Calm Your Nerves with an Aerobic Workout: Staying the Course Through the Holidays

    December 11, 2006

    By: Jean Johnson for Uterus1

    “If Mama ain’t happy; nobody’s happy.” Now if we women would just heed the wisdom in this saying that’s been around for so long. Women need to honor and value themselves if they hope to extend the same courtesies to those they love.
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    Ten Ways Aerobic Workouts Build Emotional Resilience
  • Blow off tension
  • Energize the soul
  • Relieve anxiety
  • Clear the mind
  • Improve coping skills
  • Dispel depression
  • Promote a good night’s sleep
  • Temper the appetite
  • Increase feelings of exhilaration
  • Enhance good will

  • One way to stay happy during the holidays is to be vigilant when it comes to your aerobic workout. Aerobic exercise – whether it be running, swimming, brisk walking, biking, or a class – is a sure cure for emotional fallout. Three days a week for 30 minutes a session is enough to do the trick. In order to help the collective sisterhood – and brotherhood – stay motivated this season, we’ve pulled together some benefits of cardiovascular fitness. So, read on.

    Fitness Increases Ability to Withstand Stress

    One of the most persuasive reasons for getting that heart rate up regularly and keeping it there for a half hour is that we grow calmer as a result. This physical and emotional state occurs because an aerobic conditioning program helps lower the resting heart rate, sometimes as much as 10 to 15 beats per minute after a sustained three month program.

    Improved cardiovascular fitness is like money in the bank when those tidal-wave stressors come along and threaten to blindside us. Our heart rates will still increase under the stress, but when these rates are lower to begin with, the ‘fight or flight’ mechanism we experience is not nearly as pronounced. The outcome is that we handle stress with greater flexibility and tolerance than we would have before.

    Aerobic Workouts Provide Immediate Relief from What Ails Us

    There’s no need for a crisis to come along to feel the effects of our efforts to stay aerobically fit. Even a 15-minute cardio session can dispel anxious, nervous feelings and replace them with degrees of calmness that are sure to keep us coming back for more.

    Mild to moderate depression often improves with aerobic activity as well. A good run can provide the edge needed to get some perspective on that which distresses us. Studies have shown that jogging five days a week for 10 weeks lowers depression scores. Results were fairly similar for those who ran only three days a week, so if things get too hectic to get out daily to the gym or for a run, stick with 3 sessions.

    A Good Cardiovascular Workout Promotes Self-Esteem

    Sticking with our aerobic conditioning or starting a program is like giving ourselves a precious gift. Exercise physiologists frequently point to introverted people who, once started on an aerobic program, become more open and out-going. Experts also state that getting good cardio workouts often nurtures virtuous behaviors in people. Patience, for one, develops as we discipline ourselves to stick to our schedules. We also acquire a sense of success as we see our endurance increase. Finally, some use the positive habit of aerobic conditioning to displace a negative behavior, like over-eating.

    Aerobic Fitness Decreases the Appetite

    Speaking of over-eating, we can rely on our cardio workouts to stimulate endorphins and thus curb cravings. That’s why many trainers recommend a run after work and before dinner. It is the perfect time of day to blow off steam, get those passions under control, and give a tired mind and heart a great big lift.

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    Last updated: 11-Dec-06


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